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Summer 2022

At the intersection of humanity highway and dharma road, summer is bleeding into conversation as fast as my truck leaks oil. I read in the East Bay Express that it's a good week to reach out and reconnect. As a pisces, I'm keen to embrace the suggestion. So I placed the horoscope on the fridge next to last year's christmas card and the beat poet refrigerator magnets.

Several poems later, as the late sunlight casts over my kitchen, I'm writing to you all about my latest dives into hard work and easy joy. This unpredictable year has taught me a lot so far, and I have immense gratitude to my colleagues, conspirators and motivators who help me along this exciting path. I'm thrilled to keep finding my footing, breaking new ground with the help of all of you. Below are some highlights from the year so far. Dig it, Daddy-o!

Movies & Docs ---

Last month I got the chance to work on my first ever feature film, Fairyland. It's an indie set in 70s SF, directed by the incredible Andrew Durham. By the end of my time as picture car and transport coordinator, I could actually talk on the phone and walkie-talkie simultaneously! I hope work will lead me into the exciting circus of set-life more often.

I'm the assistant editor on an upcoming TV doc called Hi, I'm Nancy Rubin, directed by Jennifer Steinman. It's been emotionally engaging to cut together scripts of old Berkeley High alums, reading letters they sent to themselves when they were teens in Nancy's life-changing class.

Business Matters! ---

Altro is building financial power for all. The free app recently launched their new website, and I was lucky to work with their talented creative team to cut together this eye-catching manifesto.

The genius professional behind markmedia has pulled me in to edit beautiful, engaging videos for his clients such as Permira and Coney Island Prep.

Earlier this year I got to work with the fine folks at Made to create this brand video for the steadfast partnership between Visa Direct and Paysafe.

Life out West ---

It's always fun to capture and edit social media content for Ariat. Each shoot brings us to stunning landscapes with friendly people and extremely high winds. But who knew the humble thigh pocket would claim over 1 million views?

I also enjoy photographing people, places and events around the bay. Recently for friends, neighbors, Urban Adamah and in assistance to Russell Abraham.

Whatever the role, I appreciate any chance to contribute in some small way to my community. Thank you all again for your support. As always, any new introductions or opportunities are still greatly appreciated! Hope you all have a vibrant few months ahead :)


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