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April 2023

Flower power to the people! It's been an unusually soaked spring in California, and it's starting to bare its poppies along the hills and highway meridians. Like a bashful bud, I've been hiding inside working on small and beautiful things to share. Art & work keep me connected to this buzzing world, and I'm beyond thankful to everyone who's here with me, caught in this tangle. Thanks for the support & inspiration. If you've got a few minutes to spare, here are some fruits of our labor. Ashley Thompson & Ana Homonnay, the Bay's brightest photography duo, just launched their new website! I curated the images from their vast portfolio, and made some gifs :) We also worked together on new videos for Uber Careers, highlighting individual journeys, and focusing on What "Drives" Uber employees at work. Goodwill is hosting an E WASTE drive @ the Oakland A's Stadium on Earth Day! I worked with their team to edit a new video to support the SF bay chapter's transformative programs. It will be shown on the jumbotron at the upcoming Giant's and A's games, but you can check it out here with the password: goodwill. Ariat International just dropped their spring collection <3 They're sharing the social videos that I shot in Kona, Hawaii. I love joining projects at the final stage of the color grade, and have just finished several short films by diversely talented directors. Although they're still to be released, I'm excited to share some highlights in my new Color Reel Finally, super thrilled for Comfort Fashion to be dropping a new album on June 2nd. Shawn and I have been using it as an excuse to get together and make sweet collages. You can listen to the first single on Friday!

Thanks for reading and supporting the artists involved in these projects. Sending love from Berkeley, CA.


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