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Winter 2022

This winter, I'm glad to say there's a lot on my plate. Yes, life is busy, but I'm actually talking (tofu)rky, and Simon's homemade focaccia, garden kale, hot broth and crumbly caramelized desserts. It's cheesy this time of year to be thankful, but as more people face economic turbulence and food insecurity, I'm seriously grateful to be eating so well. I want to share my thanks with all of you - for the support, new opportunities, and fulfilling work. It's been a dream to shoot and edit my way through the year with so many talented co-conspirators. While the sun stays low and the hours seem to shorten, I still have lots of pots on the stove... but instead of my usual course of links, I have just a couple of announcements I'm excited to share.

Hi, I'm Nancy Rubin is now streaming on Magnolia Network and HBO Max! This inspiring documentary is about the impact of a beloved Berkeley high school teacher and I'm proud to have contributed as the Assistant Editor and Colorist. If you're taking a break with your loved ones over the next few weeks and fancy a slice of Berkeley from the 80's to the present, please give it a watch!

Fairyland, the indie feature film I worked on earlier this year, is Premiering at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival! So thrilled to have played a small role is this incredible film which I can't wait to see on the silver screen.

Finally I'll leave you with a short visual treat shot by the talented Colin Peck, featuring ceramics thrown by the talented Erin Hupp, edited together by moi.

Thanks again for a brilliant year. Hope all your bellies are full and cheeks are warmed during this wild season. Can't wait for 2023!


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