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NY 2021

Howdy and happy new year! 2020 brought a lot of changes, but I hope some of those changes were as positive for you as they have been for Me and Simon. I'm hoping to stay more connected with all of you in 2021, so I thought I'd give you a quick update about what's happening with me.

Simon and I are still locking it down in our tiny Berkeley bungalow, while taking leaps in our careers. He's now a hard-core full-time baker, and in case you haven't heard, I've gone freelance! Although this was a somewhat stressful move for me personally, I feel empowered to do the best work of my career so far, and I love the opportunity to work with an amazing variety of talented and inspiring people. I'm super grateful to all who made that transition smooth, and for the work that kept me focused amidst this past year's craziness. I realize how much your referrals mean to my growth as an independent professional. Thank you thank you thank you! and keep them coming! :-) If you're interested, below are links to some of the projects I've been lucky to contribute to over the last year. Commercial ---

JMS continues to do great work in the tech scene and I'm thankful they bring me on to help out. Here's a couple of fun ones I cut for Smartsheet and Cisco. There's a dope new business for bulk buying in Oakland called ReUp Refills, who are helping me reduce my plastic consumption! We revamped their product photography and created this Vision Video. Everyone's favorite venture studio, West, helped to launch Biography, and I got to craft the color treatment for these lush videos. The SLAP agency brought me into the world of on-set editing and data management. I love working with their team! I also really enjoy working with the marketing team at Ariat - they're always making something fun and new. Documentary-- Myra Paci has produced a lovely, intimate documentary, My Dandy Uncle Peter and Me. She gave me the fun job of editing her fundraising campaign videos, exploring the film's themes of love, loss and dandyism. Liz McBee brought me on to cut her feature film, Burning the Village, a documentary about motherhood and postpartum depression. We're finalizing the sound mix and I'm looking forward to seeing it released this year. The arts ---

Cuchulain Kelly is a prolific folk musician and on the rise to internet stardom. I got the chance to collaborate with him on a few music videos this year, for his solo work and his band Handsome Hound. Looking forward to the next one! Jenner Fox is another one of my favorite folk artists. I help him polish live performance videos like this. Big thanks to Shawn Barry, an exceptional brother and songwriter. We went for a walk by the Los Gatos Creek that runs underneath San Jose, and made this video to his beautiful song John Prine's Wings. Thanks again to all of you for the support. Best wishes for the year ahead!

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