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Late May Cherries

Dear friends and mentors, 

On the Westernmost edge of the United States, rough winds drop darling May cherries like there's no tomorrow. I'm savoring this sweet second to rejoice. Yeehaw! Graduates, newlyweds, and new friends on the street - it seems like everyone is striving to be their best. I'm encouraged to do the same. Lately, though, I've been tumbling through whitewater, ripping out pages, and burning the toast... Life never did run smooth. Still, I'm blown away by my luck - to learn among so many right-minded, hard-working individuals is a real treat. With gratitude to you all for the inspiration and opportunities for growth, this spring has been bountiful with new stories, insights and images. Thus, the time is ripe to share some recent collaborative efforts :) Spring is fleeting but perhaps these clips will stop your watch for one hot minute. 

California stories -- 

Woodside's historic Filoli estate, in partnership with the Association of Ramaytush Ohlone, is working to restore the ancestral homeland of the Lamchin tribe, and share the story.  I was the lucky videographer to document these efforts as they relate to one creek, with the call from spokesperson Gregg Castro to "take care of the land and to take care of all the living things on it". You can see the video here (bottom left thumbnail), or in their renewed interpretive center which opens in early June. I encourage Bay area residents to explore the many initiatives at Filoli and tread along its new trails :)

Photographers Ashley Thompson & Ana Homonnay gracefully document teens and non-profits around San Francisco. Recently they taught & photographed the students at Gateway High School and I was honored to put together this video “notebook” for the students to keep.

California’s most underrated rock band, Ugly Kid Joe, spreads its spirit around the world. I'm still reeling from their European tour & Las Vegas residency, where I captured the shows, the fans, and the unforgettable openers The Virginmarys

Food, Design & Fashion -- 

Known for their timeless craftsmanship, Gagganau brought together a gaggle of respected artisans (artist @mattgagnon, chef @alain_versoi, porcelain @hering_berlin, stemware @josephinenhutte, champagne @ruinart, videography @light_thief)  to discuss craft and design in their new Miami showroom. From that event, I compiled a short film about the materiality that ties these disciplines together. Here's the teaser

My favorite shop on the planet, Re-Up Refills keeps expanding its reach and product offerings, and I’m thrilled to capture all their happy, plastic free products :) If you aren't bulk buying your pastabamboo toilet papercompostable floss, or non-toxic cleaners... Now you can! 

Y’all know I love shooting & editing for Ariat International, and I'm excited about how the latest and boldest  “What’s Your Rush?” and Rodeo Quincy videos came together…  It's fun to see our work on big screens in Nashville and Las Vegas.

Global Tech -- 

Thanks to Permira, I get up to date on the state of business investment & technology when editing short profiles on their senior advisors, such as this

I’m proud to work with B-Corp, women-owned agency Across the Pond - never did post-production operate so effectively! We’ve been polishing off some neat projects including another in Google 360s On the Couch series.

Thanks to you all! Wishing you luck in all your summer pursuits. 


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