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August 2023

Greetings from Northern Europe! This summer, I've been taking the meaning of remote work to new extremes. From alpine Austrian studios to the second-story of a touring rock bus, it's been full of verdant landscapes and self-discovery. Plus, these hills really are alive with the sound of music ;)

I'm on a trip, a sabbatical I thought, but I can't seem to stop working! Wherever I go, there's often a task at hand, and so much to learn. Highlights include retracing my Swedish heritage with my grandma & family, taking photos of Racing Glaciers in Salzburg, and starting a rock-u-mentary with Ugly Kid Joe. I'm incredibly grateful to have the chance to take some time out, and make art for art's sake. Thanks to all the incredible people I've crossed paths with on this road, making the work possible and worthwhile :) I'll be back to full-time media making this fall, but before the leaves drop I have some fun projects from the summer to share. If you have time to put work aside, please check out the links below. Thank you thank you! Art & Music --- The innovative studio & lab, Dogbotic, offers up virtual workshops for the experimentally inclined. I attended Filmcraft: "How to Stop Worrying and Destroy Celluloid", which reignited my love for hands-on craft and exploration. My final project features a backyard fig tree and acrylic on acetate, it's called Figgy Pop. I'm always talking about Comfort Fashion, and their recent release Cleave... but there's more! In a moment of passion, whimsy, (and some flu-induced delirium) we recorded a short live set at Berkeley institution Caffe Chiave. We also published and printed a pocket-sized Zine that tries to make sense of the band's oxymoronic nature. I spruced up my website with new photos, videos and gifs, if you want to take a peek. Feedback welcome! Innovation --- Across the Pond is a female-powered studio that makes polished & vibrant videos for global brands. It was a pleasure to work on a short series promoting ad-space on Google 360, like this one. John McNeil Studio knows how to make the abstract, concrete. I worked with them on a number of videos for Commvault, like coloring this unusual hacker with soviet-era-grime. Thanks, as always, for staying tuned. Wish you were here...!


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