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2024 @ Ocean Beach

It's officially 2024! I hope you are feeling balanced and well. These days, it seems like everyone is envisioning a steady approach to the next year.

Considering what to do with my own two hands, two feet and 24 hours each day, I think of the adage "there is strength in numbers." Whether collaborating at work, dancing in a crowd, or standing in peaceful protest - I'm fueled by the power of community. That's why I write these email updates... because I am super grateful to remain connected with all of you. Thank you for supporting me from near and far! It's great to be an Independent, but teamwork makes the dream work : ) 

In the spirit of sharing, below are some new projects that I've made among great teams. Often, the videos I work on take time to publish or can't be viewed publicly. Still, it's an honor to work with such skilled individuals and I want to shout it out !

Fashion, Food & Music ---

Clothing brand Ariat International inspires fun & grit, and they have the coolest crew of art directors, producers & photographers. Here's a short a short highlight from our shoot in Montana, the latest denim ad, and a stop-motion snippet that has over 5M views. 

Collaborating with my neighbors @light_thief and @hungryhungryhooker is such a treat, not just because they are two of the finest food photographers I know. With Californios SF and Gaggenau, we created this elevated event recap 

On board the Ugly Kid Joe bus this summer, I made a new video to their old song Bad Seed. Beyond stoked to have it listed by the French Rolling Stone. It's hard to capture the essence of a great gig so I highly recommend rocking out at their upcoming shows in Europe or Las Vegas : ) 

Technology & Business ---

Right now, I'm working with the brilliant folks at Made Studios to cut a sharp & simple video for Visa, showcasing payment improvements for small and micro-business owners. 

Recently, it's been a joy to work alongside Mark Media on well-crafted videos for large firms like Permira. Here's one completed Insight

Always, I'm grateful to contribute as an editor and colorist at outstanding agencies like JMSATP, & Radiant Brands

In other news... Simon and I now live in a redwood cabin at Ocean Beach, just off the Great Highway of San Francisco. Here, we voraciously read and eat leftover loaves from his work at TartinePlease visit us for some toast, anytime :) Thanks for everything, and happy new year! Wishing you peace & love.


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